Advance orders

Large numbers of plants are grown on contract for our customers every year.
This has the following advantages:

  • The opportunity to use your own seed or to source seed from your area.
  • Specific provenance selection – we will propagate plants that are best suited to the planting site.
  • There is time to prepare the planting site properly.
  • The right plants and quantities are ready at planting time.

It does require planning ahead – as a general guide for most species:

  • We start taking orders in March for the following year i.e. March 2023 for planting in Autumn/spring 2024. 
  • Ordering early will ensure you don’t miss out
  • If specific seed collection is part of the project even more lead time is required depending on plant species, seed set for the year and so on (please contact us for more details). 
  • When our growing area is full orders are closed for the year. 
  • A 25% non-refundable deposit applies to advance orders.  

We can grow a wide range of species so if a plant is not on the list please ask.

Excess stock will be available at certain times of the year, if you would like to added to our mailing list let us know via email.