About Habitat Plants

Habitat Plants is owned and operated by Sally and Herbert Staubmann. Our nursery and home are nestled in native bushland beneath the scenic backdrop of Drys Bluff in the Great Western Tiers.

Habitat Plants was born in the late 1980s when our landscape contracting business experienced a need for local indigenous plants. From a few plants on a trestle bench we have grown into a small production nursery growing bulk quantities of over 400 species of plants.

In 2002 we opened a small retail nursery in response to an increasing public awareness and appreciation of Tasmania’s unique flora.

Now our plants go to home gardens, farms, Landcare projects, local councils, schools and commercial projects.

Carving our nursery into the bush has given us the rare opportunity to blend our commercial nursery operation with the Tasmanian bush and its wildlife. This provides a unique foundation for our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program, allowing us to produce plants of very high quality with a minimum of pesticide use.

Our plants grow on benches on unfenced terraces, giving grazing wildlife unrestricted access to help maintain the grassy sections. In the evenings wombats rule the grounds.

Rushes and sedges dominate our stormwater drains, providing great habitat for frogs who find their way onto our plants – feeding on insects.

Dense thickets of regenerating vegetation between our terraces provide breeding habitat for many small birds. Clans of Blue Wrens move across our tubestock benches in search of tiny insects. They have to share with Pardelotes, Fantails, Robins and many others.

All our plants are propagated on site. Growing-on and hardening-off take place in our harsh outdoor environment.

The results speak for themselves, and we are very proud that the quality of our plants is second to none.